About Us


Miller BuggyAt the turn of the century, our company operated wholesale houses in the towns and cities of this area including Baton Rouge, Port Allen, Clinton and St. Francisville. By today’s standards, these locations are unusually close, but at that time, transportation and communication were not what they are today.

Initially, our company delivered wholesale groceries, work clothes, farm tools, fertilizer, seed, thread, barbed wire, candy, soft drinks and so many other items which were sold in small stores and plantation commissaries throughout the area by wagon.

No beer distributors, as such, had developed at this time. As the years passed, the Federal government enacted a prohibition law, and beer sales were halted. Upon the repeal of prohibition, the industry awakened and started on the path to today’s efficient and exciting product delivery system. To meet the changing times, our company separated the warehousing and beer sales organization from other endeavors, and built a separate, specialized business to handle beer sales. Our main brand was Jax and we moved the sale of Jax Beer into the top spot, challenged only by the Falstaff Brand. Sales increases dictated a larger and more sophisticated organization and facility. Accordingly, we designed and built a new distributor warehouse on Adams Avenue, in Baton Rouge, which was on the cutting edge of all beer distribution centers.

As the national beers were able to improve delivery and communications and set-up interstate sales organizations, the Jackson Brewery, along with many other smaller breweries, fell into decline. At this time we absorbed a one-truck operation handling a beer called “Miller High Life” which commanded only a very tiny percentage of the total market. Lightning struck the company when Phillip Morris acquired the Miller Brewing Company. Phillip Morris introduced this superior product throughout the country with clever and inspired advertising. Other brands and other packages such as Lite, Genuine Draft, Red Dog and Icehouse were offered in rapid succession.

Miller changed the whole industry by delivering the best product in convenient, attractive packages with a taste and freshness before unknown. Our sales increase called once again for larger facilities, and we designed and built a large distribution complex on Airline Highway to meet the challenge. Miller beer sales soared and over time we added other brands such as Heineken and Shiner Bock.

In 2014, our company added a supplier which was transformative to our business: the 7-Up Snapple Group and its great stable of brands, including 7-Up, A&W Root Beer, Sunkist, Hawaiian Punch, Canada Dry, Snapple, RC Cola, Sun Drop, Vita Coco and Yoo-Hoo. With this addition, our company became a total beverage company; so we changed our name from Baton Rouge Beer Agency to Baton Rouge Beverage Company.

Today Baton Rouge Beverage Company continues to restructure to meet new challenges. The success of our organization is due to dedicated people who are determined to offer the best products and the best service delivered clean and fresh in a courteous and timely manner. We service hundreds of fine retail customers: bars, hotels, convenience stores, general stores, supermarkets and restaurants offering our customers a wide choice of brands and top service. While it’s always “Miller Time” at Baton Rouge Beverage Company, it's also time to share the finest craft beers, wines and non-alcoholic beverages with the best customers in the world!