About Us


At Baton Rouge Beverage Company, we take great pride in the work we do to support the brands we distribute. As a result, we have received several awards from our vendors honoring this work.

We won the High Life Achievement Award in 2004, 2005 and 2006, which was given by Miller Brewing Company to its top performing distributorships. Less than 8% of its distributorships are awarded this prestigious award each year.

A Three-Peat!

Are we talking Chicago Bulls? Of course not. We're talking Baton Rouge Beverage Company, winner of Miller Brewing Company's coveted High Life Achievement Award for the last 3 straight years (2004, 2005 and 2006)! BRBC has had 5 consecutive years of sales growth. It gained 1.3% of market share in 2005, when Miller sales in its 6½-parish area increased 6.1%.

Baton Rouge Beverage Company scored 100% on Miller standards review, and executed 100% on Speedmark display penetration for the 7 holidays judged. Moreover, BRBC exceeded all KPI goals.

BRBC has distributed beer since well before Prohibition, and been a Miller distributor since 1969. It completely renovated its facility in 2001, and brought in key personnel like Scott Van Matre and Terry Canezaro to reinvigorate its dedicated staff. Van Matre said “Distributor Sales Manager, Scott Cosby, has contributed greatly to Baton Rouge Beverage Companies success. Games On at BRBC.”

We have finished in the top three of distributors in our size category for Heineken’s Red Star Award. In 2011, Baton Rouge Beer Agency finished among the top three Tier 2 (based on size) distributors in the nation for Heineken's Red Star Award.